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Voices of Discovery, Roy - 77 Days

Hello my name is Roy, and I’m a grateful recovering addict from

Langley, BC. I came to Discovery House in February, broken. I’ve

battled with addiction from a young age. Thanks to the amazing

program that Discovery House offers to addicts like me, I got another

shot at recovery and life. I will be forever grateful for what I’ve been

given so freely here. I have been addicted for 10 years of my life to

drugs and alcohol, searching for any way to get out of it. I walked in

the door here full of grief and very unhealthy. Today, I have a program

I really enjoy. The house has saved my life, again. I really don’t know

how I’ll ever make it up to the staff and others who have helped me

along the way. I just want to say Thank You.

Roy - 77 days in the house