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Voices of Discovery, Aron - 283 Days

I was too busy with my own life getting drunk or/and high to see my world burning down

around me. That my life turned into monotony, an everyday endless cycle that left a bitter

taste of what I should be experiencing. From running away from the traumas from my teen

years while backpacking as far as I could, while ruining my reputation from city to city, I’ve

been a perpetual mess. Having left Penticton to Yellowknife back to Penticton then to

Midway from there to Mission then to Winnipeg back to Yellowknife back to Winnipeg back

to Penticton. All over the span of 15 years. In and out of homelessness, struggling to find

food more than I like to admit, I wanted freedom from my plaguing thoughts during that

time, anything to get out of myself so I didn’t have to deal with my thoughts, they became

a mentalistic scourge upon my psyche. I turned to alcohol and drugs cause they offered

freedom, but I now know them as band-aids for bullet wounds. The emotional scars and

the ones physical I’ve left in myself and others trying to escape my reality can’t be undone.

But they can be reformed Into the knowledge of the things I never wanna do again. This

program has taught me to change in every aspect that no longer serves me cause thinking I

couldn’t was letting it go. That this is the time to fulfill a promise to myself on how to

become a paramount version of myself. Because I have the power to create, I have the

power to feel, and I have the power to express those feelings culminating into happiness

through all types of writing, reading, art, cooking, socializing, teaching others and