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Shed the Light on Addiction

Help us Shed the Light on Addiction and remember those we've lost in this unprecedented year.

Purchase a bulb ($10) or string of bulbs ($250) for us to string up on the our house to help Shed the Light on Addiction or in memory of someone we've lost.…/shed-the-light-on-addiction-…/ We'll light up the house at our Facebook Live event on Dec. 19th and if you wish to send us a video or pictures to commemorate someone you've lost we'll be having memorial days throughout the month.

You'll receive a tax deductible receipt and a commemorative Shed the Light on Addiction Flashlight. Lives are being shattered by overdose at an unprecedented rate, and although we've had a very tough year, we've witnessed many miracles at Discovery House. Despite the challenges, the stigma, and the tragic losses, we've seen men overcome their addiction, find a new way to live, and be returned to their families and communities as productive members of society. We have received amazing community support and have a goal to raise $40,000 with this campaign. Monies raised will be going toward a down payment on a new property which would help us to increase our bed spaces from 17 to 25. It has been a challenging year for all and we know many are finding it challenging to make ends meet. If you cannot donate, please send your love and we'll send some back. If you need our support for a family, friend, coworker or a loved one, please contact us.

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