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Penticton Now Story: "An Illuminating Evening At Discovery House"

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

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It has to be said. The folks at mens' recovery program Discovery House, led by former client turned executive director Jerome Abraham, know how to keep the DH name in the public eye. And that's a critical skill when you're constantly trying to raise bucks.

Another in a long line of well-publicized 2022 Discovery House events unfolded late Saturday afternoon at the organization's 633 Winnipeg address with the annual Shed the Light on Addiction Light-Up, where all those twinkling lights we saw the guys install last week were officially switched on.

As an added post-pandemic bonus for 2022, the evening's program included an indoor segment where clients and guests alike could all hang out together and grab a warm drink and a little food in the lower floor living room and kitchen.

And that's where we also ran into a guy named Tyler Garrett. We walked into the kitchen and he immediately said hello. So we sat down and chatted with him.

Garrett, 38 and rather articulate, arrived in a state of "desperation" at the primary care Winnipeg Street Discovery House address on Aug. 27th. He's adhered to the program ever since, and just two days ago graduated to the secondary care facility on Lee Avenue for another 90-day period.