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Discovery House Client Success Story: Rich T January 2023

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Rich was in a CMHA/MMHA funded bed for the first 6 months of his treatment at Discovery House. He has moved through treatment, the life skills program, and is now at our Independent Living Home, Parker Place. Discovery House is elated to congratulate our Brother in Recovery, Rich Thompson on his 1 year of substance free living.

Rich has worked hard to become a productive member of society, to reconnect with his family, and to help others find their way to recovery.

Rich's favourite spiritual principle is Unity which he practices all the time. He has become an integral part of the peer support system at Discovery House. Rich is working full time but still makes time to do weekend volunteer shifts, to lend a hand or an ear to his fellows in recovery, & to be a guest chef for our Soup Is Good Food Fundraiser.

We're very proud of you Rich! Stick around, the best is yet to come my friend.

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