Our Mission is to provide a safe, secure and supportive, holistic environment to men seeking recovery from addiction.

Our Vision is that no one person should have to anguish in addictions to alcohol and drugs. We treat those who may also suffer from mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health issues.

We provide clients with the life skills and recovery tools necessary to achieve freedom from active addiction and to live a healthy, productive life.

Our Goal has always bee to return men to their families.


"When I came to Discovery House, I was a lost soul. I felt I had no purpose in life. And the life I was in wasn’t worth living. I came in very depressed and had severe anxiety. Through the months I spent in Discovery House, I got to know myself again. And began to love myself for the first time in my life. Being in there, I felt like I was home. I was able to open up to people and build new relationships. I had spent most of my life as a “loner”, but I now had found people that were like minded in my recovery. I no longer felt alone and was able to begin growing. And growing I did. While in Discovery House, I completed 2 sets of steps, and was even offered a job within the house. My fears of people were gone. I am now a happy person who can’t stop smiling. Today, my family is proud of me and I now have a purpose to my life. Thank you for saving my life, Discovery House!" — Mike W.