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Voices of Discovery, Shannon - 92 Days

Six months ago I was in a pretty bad head space. I saw no end to the

hopelessness, loneliness, and isolation that intertwines with one

another in addiction. My depression was gaining strength each day in

my addiction. I saw only one solution. Then my higher power threw

me a hail mary and before I knew it I was walking through Discovery

House’s door.

Even though I am around 90 days and have a lot of work to do,

internally I’ve already gained insight and tools from the Discovery

House. To help my healing on the road to recovery I have the program

at Discovery House, going to NA and AA meetings, trauma counselling,

in-house counselling, and most importantly the support. Today I have

freedom. Freedom from the chains that bound me to my addiction

and freedom to see the world as I once did; sharper, clearer, and

brighter. The worst days are part of my journey and gifts to learn


Shannon - 92 days in the house