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Voices of Discovery, Mikey - 89 Days

Hi, my name is Mikey and I am a grateful discovering addict. I am 48 years old,

and was born to a mom with mental health issues and I never met my father.

The reason I touch on these facts is to explain my insatiable desire to fill the

hole in my soul with anything outside of myself. When I tried my first drug, I

finally felt filled in and accepted by my peers. This began a long and torrid affair

with bad behaviour and drug abuse.

Where I am at today seems like eons have passed since surrendering my life to

Discovery House. I paid for the space in the house with tremendous angst, not

only for me but for those who love me. This truly is a family disease. My loved

ones have gotten sick with worry and stress every time I would relapse into

addiction. Today, my friends and family can rest easy knowing I am in a safe


This is truly a house of miracles! I have my integrity back. I have hope in

knowing that I am getting sustainable, long-term recovery through the bonding

of brothers, AA/NA, 12-step work, and counselling. I have been afforded the

ability to finally deal with the PTSD that has impacted my entire life. I am alive

and full of gratitude for every single aspect of this house and program. This