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Voices of Discovery, Ken - 11 Days

Before coming to Discovery House, I had slowly run my life into

the ground. I had lost any purpose in life. I wasn’t getting any

enjoyment in any area of my existence. Feeling lonely and isolating in

my apartment, I was using hard, very dangerous drugs. Blacking out,

not remembering days, and banging my head on cement, leaving my

face scarred. I was ending up in hospitals again and again, not wanting

to live anymore.

Discovery House has given me a second chance in life. Teaching

me that I am worth it. There is a good person somewhere inside of

me, and that I am loved and liked by many. By taking the opportunity

that Discovery House has given me, I will be getting life back. And for

that, I will be forever grateful to be given a second chance in life.

Ken - 11 days in the house