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Voices of Discovery, Andrew - 335 Days

My name is Andrew, and I am an addict. Prior to Discovery house I was

destroying my life once more because I couldn't stop the use of drugs. I was in

too deep with bad, sick, and suffering people. I was in the business of dealing

with them so I could use for free. The people took my car I worked so hard to

get, manipulating me, and leaving me with a $30,000 dollar debt. I sold almost

all of my belongings, I was beaten down all alone feeling hopeless.

I thank God for the program at Discovery House out and all the support here in

Penticton that keeps it open. Discovery house got me out of the hell I was in

and is truly helping me to discover who I am, pointing me in the right direction.

I've recently reached a milestone of a year clean, and I'm living in a second

stage house. I'm currently trying to find and connect with a mother that I've

never met. We are working on goal setting and budgeting. I'm on step 7 of the

house steps. I'm not where I want to be in life, but Discovery house is helping

me get there.

I want to thank all the staff, the board of directors, and all the love and support

from the community for making all this possible for me and many more to


Andrew - 335 days in the house

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