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Voices of Discovery, Andrew - 335 Days

My name is Andrew, and I am an addict. Prior to Discovery house I was

destroying my life once more because I couldn't stop the use of drugs. I was in

too deep with bad, sick, and suffering people. I was in the business of dealing

with them so I could use for free. The people took my car I worked so hard to

get, manipulating me, and leaving me with a $30,000 dollar debt. I sold almost

all of my belongings, I was beaten down all alone feeling hopeless.

I thank God for the program at Discovery House out and all the support here in

Penticton that keeps it open. Discovery house got me out of the hell I was in

and is truly helping me to discover who I am, pointing me in the right direction.

I've recently reached a milestone of a year clean, and I'm living in a second

stage house. I'm currently trying to find and connect with a mother that I've

never met. We are working on goal setting and budgeting. I'm on step 7 of the

house steps. I'm not where I want to be in life, but Discovery house is helping

me get there.

I want to thank all the staff, the board of directors, and all the love and support

from the community for making all this possible for me and many more to