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MP Richard Cannings Praises Discovery House and Dials in on the Opioid Crisis.

"Today in the House I had the opportunity to commend the work of two different types of heroes. Last year, Gord Portman saved two people in a house fire in Penticton. When he saw his picture in the local newspaper, he said to himself ‘oh boy I need help.” Gord was addicted to opioids. So he turned to Discovery House, a local organization that helps men battle their addictions, and he now thanks Discovery House for saving his life.

Mr. Speaker, over 1300 British Columbians have died from COVID-19

but over the same period, over 1700 have died because of the opioid crisis.

These people were sons and fathers, daughters and mothers. They had a medical problem, not a criminal problem. Thousands of them are being poisoned by drugs laced with fentanyl.

We must decriminalize those drugs and provide a safe supply. Then we can help people like Gord and go after the real criminals, those who are selling the poisoned drugs.</