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Discovery House Client Success Story: Dion F December 2022

Dion was a client who accessed support through a CMHA/MMHA funded bed to begin his treatment and life skills training programs at Discovery House.

Quote from Dion: "My name is Dion, and I am an addict.

A whole year has come and gone. Not like any other year I’ve had in the recent 25 years. This past year has been a journey and a half. I am still learning how to make it through every single day, free from any of the multiple mind-altering substances, that I once filled my body. I have hit multiple rock bottoms over the years. Though, through Recovery, I am finally being able to understand and see the insanity and chaos of it all.

I truly always thought I was in control of my addictions. Year after year, I would find new excuses, new means and all the time convincing myself I’ve got this. I was in control when I had to sell my house to finance my addiction, I was in control when my car was repossessed, I was in control with the hundreds of thousands of dollars I wasted away, I was in control when I had to declare bankruptcy, I was in control when I would consistently run great opportunities of employment to the ground, I was in control when I would lie, steal & cheat anyone or any system, I was in control when my body was withering to my lowest of 150 lbs, I was in control when no true friends or family wanted to be around me, see I was in control of my addiction… I can now clearly see I was not the “social drinker” or occasional weekend partier that I convinced myself I was, nor will I ever be able to be. I am also learning my long time substance use was a mask and a way of coping with life’s past, present and future. One would not believe that during all this time, I truly thought I could do this on my own.

My addiction took me to the darkest of places last December. I lost the will to live and I felt there was nothing left but the end. I spent two weeks in the hospital. This finally solidified for me, that my addiction was indeed wreaking havoc on my life. While in the hospital, I was able to connect with an RPN that seemed to understand me. He had suggested I do a referral into the local Discovery House, a 90 day recovery program for men struggling with substance use. I was terrified at the thought, even though, I deep down knew I needed something different from what I was doing on my own. I heard it to be a tough program to get into, part of me prayed I would be accepted and a large part of me hoped I would not.

That reason being, it was beyond my comprehension on how to live life without the use of substances. The fear within was huge. There was however some hope instilled through the nurse I connected with. After finally submitting my application, I was required to call everyday to check in, I also had to remain abstinent for my intake, this also proved to be difficult, though December 27th, 2021 was the first day of many to come. Gratefully, perhaps not at that time yet, I was accepted and moved into the Discovery House the 31st of December, 2021.

I do not know how or where to even begin to describe the feelings, emotions and gratitude I have for saying this out-load today. I DO know my addiction and old ways of thinking are very sly and sneaky. This recovery journey has brought many challenges along with many more rewards. It has brought me to a group of like-minded individuals, that have also been where I have. Some perhaps not the exact same scenario or substance, though the same feelings of shame, guilt, despair, fear and hopelessness. Through connecting with the community, fellowships and looking up to the staff at Discovery House, I have made it my purpose and also for my career, to hopefully give hope, strength, courage and understanding as to what was given to me. It is a pretty awesome experience to actually listen and learn from others before and after me.

To anyone reading this that may be struggling, please know, you are not alone, please reach out. I could have never imagined that “one day at a time” would eventually get me to one year. It seemed at first, to be long and daunting, though it has been the most rewarding experience of my life.

THANK YOU to all that have played a roll in my Recovery."

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