How Can I Help Discovery House?

Currently, there is an overdose epidemic happening in our province and in our area.

It is heartbreaking to speak to someone who tells you their motivation to get clean and into Discovery House is that they have already OD'd twice and feel like they just don't want to die..." To then have to tell them: "Well we just don't have the space to accommodate you right now, please check in with us in two weeks." To have them die the very weekend before check in makes you sick and makes you want to quit! However, in lieu of giving up, we are beginning this campaign and more resigned than ever to making a difference for those suffering with the disease of addiction.

Please help if you can, you will be saving a life and helping to: "Return Fathers to Children and Sons to Families."Once again, we are reaching out to our most reliable source of funding our amazing donors and community supporters. If you have the heart and the financial means please help us by making monthly contribution or a one time donation through this campaign.

Anything is appreciated!

Discovery House - Canada 2017 Campaign